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Holkam Beach.

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My wife and your host Allison, out for a stroll on the beach.  


Holkam Beach

Just five miles from Sunnydene Farm is the tranquil surrounds of Holkam beach.

It's idea for young and old alike, ideal for a quiet picnic whilst the little ones play

in the sand. As you can see from the photographs the sea goes out a long way

but when the tide is in it covers the whole area to about 18 inches deep.

There are no amusments or Fish and Chip shops, but there is an Ice Cream van

at the bottom of the car park ( 5 mins walk from the beach ). The car park

costs just 2 pounds a day . When you have finished at the beach, a trip to

Holkham Hall which is just south of Holkam beach the drive will take less than

two minutes. At Holkam Hall the is plenty to see and do. A guided tour of this

stately house, a trip to the resturant, a walk in the grounds or around

the lake to feed the ducks. Or my wife's favourite - the walled gardens which

is now a plant nursery and most of the plants are on sale.

Holkam Hall